Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Commandeer?

Whats does would mean?

English Language Learners Definition of would —used to indicate what someone said or thought about what was going to happen or be done.

—used to talk about a possible situation that has not happened or that you are imagining.

—used with have to talk about something that did not happen or was not done..

What does it mean to commandeer a vehicle?

To commandeer is to take possession or control of something, or to take control of something for a military or law-enforcement purpose, or to make someone help you. … When the police are chasing a suspect and they take your vehicle to do so, this is an example of when they commandeer your vehicle.

What is the opposite of cumbersome?

What is the opposite of cumbersome?efficientserviceablestraightforwardeasysimpleeffortlesspainlessuncomplicatedunchallengingmanageable46 more rows

Can you sequestrate yourself?

If you are unable to pay your debts, and you have substantial debts, you might want to find out how to sequestrate yourself in South Africa. The good news is that you do not have to wait for creditors to bring a compulsory sequestration application against you.

Can you get credit after sequestration?

Can You Get Credit After Sequestration Once You Have Been Rehabilitated? Yes. … The notice of sequestration is removed from your credit record and replaced with rehabilitated. As financially rehabilitated, you can enter into credit agreements without needing permission from a curator/trustee.

Can police track your phone?

In most of the United States, police can get many kinds of cellphone data without obtaining a warrant. Law-enforcement records show, police can use initial data from a tower dump to ask for another court order for more information, including addresses, billing records and logs of calls, texts and locations.

How do you use commandeer in a sentence?

Commandeer in a Sentence 🔉Because Jack is a bully, he will often try and commandeer things that belong to his classmates. … The pirate leader decided to commandeer the luxury yacht and hold the passengers and crew for ransom.More items…

What is a synonym for commandeer?

ˌkɑːmənˈdɪr) Take arbitrarily or by force. Synonyms. skyjack highjack carjack hijack pirate seize.

Why can police tow your car?

Vehicles may be towed for many reasons. If the car or driver is not validly licensed, or is being arrested, the police may tow the car for safekeeping, or to conduct a more thorough search. Abandoned vehicles or illegally parked vehicles may be towed by the police to clear them from the street.

What is it called when the police take your stuff?

Civil forfeiture in the United States, also called civil asset forfeiture or civil judicial forfeiture, is a process in which law enforcement officers take assets from persons suspected of involvement with crime or illegal activity without necessarily charging the owners with wrongdoing.

What happens when a person is sequestrated?

An individual can declare themselves insolvent, or bankrupt, and file for sequestration if their debt has become too great and unmanageable and their liabilities exceed his or her assets. Sequestration is defined as the surrender of an individual’s estate to the High Court under the governance of the Insolvency Act.

What does Sequestrate mean?

Definition of ‘sequestrate’ When property is sequestrated, it is taken officially from someone who has debts, usually after a decision in a court of law. If the debts are paid off, the property is returned to its owner. [law]

Can cops really commandeer cars?

This law is called posse comitatus, an old concept applied when police officers didn’t have the proper resources to enforce the law. … So, just as in the movies, when a cop is chasing down a suspect on foot, they technically have the right to request your car. This could be considered theft under criminal statutes.